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Longsheng and Minority Tribes
Longsheng and Minority Tribes
Longsheng County
Longsheng, means "dragon win" in Chinese. Legend says that a dragon fought a tiger there in ancient times and the dragon won the fight. So people call the place Longsheng.

The county situates in the northwest and 85 km away from Guilin, Longsheng is a fascinating scenic spot for tourism. It is well-known for her enchanting scenery, plenty of local products and various of colorful national minorities' customs.

Once you set foot in the fairyland, you'll find the natural scenery beauty is wonderful. The Dragon Backbone Terraced Fields are second to none in the world by its scenery beauty. Surrounded by green hills and with fresh air and pure air and pure and clean water, the Hot Spring of Longsheng is an ideal resort for both tourism and health care. And adjacent to the hot spring, the Forest Park is covered with thick forest. There are precipitous suspended bridge, lovely monkeys as well as the intoxicating scene inside the park. Besides, in the Yangmen Gorge, there are loft and rugged hills around it deep and narrow riverbed. And the exciting drifting about the gorge will bring you unlimited pleasure. Further more, a national-level reserve---Longsheng Huaping Reserve lies here.

Local Custom
On the other hand, the national minorities' customs of Longsheng is even more colorful. From the jovial shoulder pole dancing of the Zhuang, the graceful and pleasant harmony folk songs and the jocular Water-carrying of the Bride of Dongs, to the Long Drum Dancing and Long Hair's Combing of the Yaos, they all have their own distinctive characteristics. Apart from these, the Bright colored traditional dress and personal adornment are very impressive.

Suspended Bridge

Wind & Rain Bridge

Plough in the field

Minority Tribes
There are many minorities live in Longsheng. And Dong, Miao, Yao and Zhuang are the majority among those minorities. You will see the history of some of their villages can be traced back to Song dynasty. The culture, customs and habits, and even the costume ornaments of those minorities have been perfectly preserved. Once you are in their village, you will feel as if you were in a village of a thousand years ago.

The Dong
Dong Nationality is most famous for its unique constructions. Wind-Rain brides and drum towers embody the superb architectural skills of the Dong People. Before entering a Dong village, a tourist will be treated with an intoxicating cup of wine and a moving song by the villagers.

The Miao
Miao people are renowned for their unique embroidery, wax printing and their carnival-like Lu Sheng parties. Lu Sheng or Reed-pipe, is a kind of musical instrument used by the Miao people.

The Yao
Yao people usually live in the alpine belts. They have a habit of bathing in a huge bucket with herbal medicines in it to rheumatic pains and cure other diseases. On the fourth day of the fifth month of a Chinese lunar year, a Da Qi Gong Festival, which is a main festival of the nationality, is held for he Yao people to worship their ancestors with Zongzi( a kind of Dumpling made of glutinous rice wrapped in bamboo leaves) and to pray for bumper harvest.

The Zhuang
People of the Zhuang Nationality love singing and dancing. Silk embroidery is one of the symbol of the Zhuang. In the past, there lived a Singing Fairy" Ms. Liu San Jie, while today with only a leaf maids can play a gorgeous melody. Among all the festivals of the Zhuang, the singing Festival held very year
On the third day of the third month of a Chinese lunar year is the most famous.

Red Yao Women

A village house

Weaving at home

Wash cloth in stream

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