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Ling Canal, Merryland and Cat Mountain
Ling Canal

Ling Canal, situated at north of Xinan, is 58 KM far from Guilin. Built in 214B.C. (Qin Dynsty 33), which is called Qin Canal.

And people also call it as Steep Canal.
Ling Canal is an ancient canal connecting Xian River in Hunan province with Li River in Guangxi province. The canal is regarded as three biggest hydraulic works in Qing Dynsty, the rest two are Dujiang Dam and Zheguo Canal. Furthermore, it is also one the oldest canal in the world. A famous poet in Qin named Yuanmu once wrote,"the water in Xinan is so clear and limpid that you can see the shadow of the mountains in the water last minute you have just seen the peak of the mountain suddenly you found your boat was just passing the peak in the water" .

This canal connects the Xiang River of Hunan Province with the Gui River of Guangxi. The first flows northward toward the Yangtze River and the latter southward toward the China Sea .

It is possible to sail from Guangzhou by traveling up the Xi and Gui Rivers to this canal and passing through it, proceed down the Xiang River to the Yangtze, hence to the Grand Canal and even as far as Peiping without getting off the boat.

In bygone days before railroads and motor highways, this elaborate canal was of great assistance to China 's transport and unity. Construction was started two centuries before Christ and was a the farsighted project of the great Emperor Chin Shi Huang Ti, who built China 's Great Wall.

Guilin Merryland World

Guilin Merryland World is invested by Mr Ma Zhi lin . This project was planned and prepared in 1992 and put into action in 1997. It is situated in Xinan of Guilin province, covering the area beyond thousand mu. With its large scale and well planning, it is regarded as the biggest travelling sites in south China.
The whole project is divided into periods, which will be completed by 2007. The first period was completed by October of 2000, including forest holiday-making village, golf club, holiday hotel and theme park.
As a large integrated travelling sites with first-class construction, various choice and different styles, Guilin Merryland supply Guilin province with a high-tech amusement park. Moreover, it positively boosts the travelling market in Guilin province and refreshes the travelling economy in south China.

Merryland theme park covers 90 hectare, which is the biggest investment of Merryland first project. There are five sections of this theme park, Merry town, American western, Dream world, Pirate village, South pacific area and Forest area. All the dress, food, sights, shows and entertainment facilities of a section are going with its own theme. It gives different backgrounds when you play in the park as if you are entering a time tunnel. Just enjoying the fun our theme park bring to you.

Guilin Merryland golf club is the largest golf club in Guangxi. And it is also the only one in China with 18 holes foothill course of international standard. Following American USGA regulation, we make our Merryland golf course with a golf path of 7073 yard and 72 par. It is specially designed by American designer, Golden Louise. It is multi-functional golf course including sports, entertainment, travelling and business meeting. While playing, you can also enjoy the special scenery of world best. It is a wise choice for you to buy our member card.

Merryland is a 5-star holiday hotel, which lies in the Merryland entertainment world 68 kilometers from Guilin. Its total land is about 100 mu and the land for building is 38000 square meters.
Living in Merryland holiday hotel, you will enjoy the world first-class splash-ink scenery. The ceiling of the hotel's hall is made of woods, which decorated with the style of Guangxi minority. The whole ceiling is made up of six woody shelves with typical ancient architecture and delicate craft. A Tong's bell tower and a copper drum is put at the center of the hall. The entrance of the hall is decorated with tong's typical ground brick, on which there are twelve animals used to symbolize the year in which a person is born. The whole decoration in the hall is vivid and fascinating.
It provides 368 guest rooms, all designed by famous designers. The guestroom is a combination of Chines poetic sentiment and western romantic. Furthermore, it used lots of Guangxi's bamboo as the decoration stuff.
Merryland holiday hotel will give you not only eye-catching scenery but also an open-minded culture characteristics.

Cat Mountain (Maoer Shan)
Maoer Mountain covers, and the altitude of the highest peak is 2141.5 metres. People name it Maoer Mountain because it looks like a cat. It is the highest mountain in south China and also the cradle land of Li River.
The mountains here are grand and glorious and the scenery is very magnificent. It is a nice combination of the glory of Mt.Tai, the steepness of Mt. Hua and the tranquility of Mt. Emei. You can see elfinwoods here and hemlock, which is an acient plant on the brink of dying out. The whole sights are a best choice for travelling, exploration, seeking and making holiday.
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