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Crown Cave & Gudong Waterfall Groups
Crown Cave
Crown Cave is located in Caoping Village , 29km south of Guilin city. It is one of the most famous tourist spots along Li River. A crown like crag gives the hill its name. The hill is a popular and important stop for both river cruise tourists and those arriving from Guilin City by bus tour. Crown Cave is a twelve kilometer long, water eroded cave. It is a wonderland of various stalactites, stone pillars and rock formations. It was opened to tourists in 1995 and is fitted with illuminating lights, a sound control tour guide system and escalators. Tourists are able to see all of the most interesting areas by specially designed cars and boats.

The cave extends 12km, but only the 3km nearest the river has been explored to any large extent. The cave is protected by scheduled closures to ensure that its unique qualities are not lost. Stalagmites abound inside the cave making grotesque and imposing shapes that lead people into a fairyland. An underground stream originating from Mt. Haiyang empties into the Li River from this cave. The deepest spot is over 10 meters (over 30 ft). It is also possible to enjoy a leisurely rafting experience after visiting this enchanting cave.

Visitors can reach there by taking a bus from Guilin or making a stop at the Crown Cave Dock during your sailing along the Li River.

Gudong Waterfall Groups

Going east,along li river,for 26 km from guilin you will come to gudong scenic area. it is to the west of the li river,north of guilin ,south of yangshuo,east of haiyang mountains, with good location and a benign climate.
There a mysterious natural scenery awaits for you. The big forest is the lung of the river,fresh in spring,green in summer,red in autumn,white in
winter,picturesque,poetic, a rare red maple forest extending 3000 mu.
colorful ,romantic.
Steams ,like milk, meandering along,up and down ,flow by a stone turtlt fairy,through deep valleys,under a canopy trees and hanging vines,like a
scholar's volume unfolding.....
8 waterfalls,9 pools all have their distinctive charms.
There seems to be spirits in the mountains and waters here,unreal,enchanting, a rock resembling goddess guangyin who protects everything there,and another rock resembling turtle fairy of 100,000,000
year old,real master pieces of nature ,adding charms to the superb scenery.
In gudong,tourists and nature interact,they can see sights as well as play around in mother nature,this unique style of tour carried out in the mountains and by the waters,let them enjoy this poetic scenery even
more.especially unusual and interesting is the combination of tourism and environmental protection here. on the lake,one will hear songs sung by Liu
Sanjie,yearning deeply for love and a simple life.
The gudong scenic area,where people preferred to visit wearing sandals and holding bamboo stick rather than riding,offers a unusual poetic tour to modern man.

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