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Jingjiang King's Palace, Ming Tomb and Yao Hill
Jingjiang King's Palace
The first Jingjiang King, Zhu Shouqian was appointed as the Jingjiang King by his grandfather Ming Tai Zu (the first emperor of Ming Dynasty). In 1372, Zhu Shouqian had the king residence built up at the foot of Duxiu Peak. It was completed in the year 1392 and was set up complying with the formation for all kings.
The main buildings include Chengyuan Gate in the front, Chengyun Hall in the middle with the living hall at its back and the royal garden at the end. There are 4 halls, 4 pavilions and other 40 constructions surrounding the main buildings. It covers a total area of 19.87 hectares. During the 257 years from the founding of the mansion to the end of Ming Dynasty, 14 kings of 12 generations lived here.
In 1921, Sun Yat-sen had been here for the Northward Expedition. In the winter of 1925, it was established to be Yat-sen Park and now is Guangxi Normal University. Duxiu Peak is standing nearby. The carved balustrades and marble steps of the mansion still remain to today.
Ming Tomb
Located in an eastern suburb, seven kilometers from Guilin City, this is an imperial mausoleum site where eleven princes of the Jingjiang Family during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) are buried. The Jingjiang Family is comprised of the descents of King Jingjiang, the nephew of a Ming emperor. During the earlier Ming period, to strengthen the centralization of state power, Ming Emperor Taizu (the first Ming emperor) designated his 24 sons as kings to administer different areas in China. King Jingjiang got his title and built his palace at the foot of Solitary Beauty Peak. The descendent kings chose this mausoleum site as their burial place.

The site is enclosed by a rectangular red wall. More than 300 tombs are spread over 100 square kilometers. Like most Chinese mausoleums, a grand sacred way leads to the inner palace with various animal and official stone statues on each side. There are three routes on the sacred way. The middle one is exclusive for the emperors while the other two on each side are for officials. At the end of the sacred way inside the inner palace are Xian Dian (Prayer Hall) and Bao Cheng (Treasure City). Religious and ancestral prayers are held in Xian Dian and Bao Cheng is the resting place for the kings.

The one tomb open to the public is that of the third king and his consort. Excavated items include gold, silver, jade, pottery, porcelain and other antiques. Among them is a precious, elegant porcelain vase.

Yao Hill
Yao Hill lies in the east of Guilin, 12 km away from the downtown. The top peak is 909 meters high and 760 meters by relative height and is the biggest and the highest hill in Guilin. It got its name from its location where it faces the Memorial Temple of Emperor Shun across the Li River. Yao Hill is famous for its deepness and broadness with splendid air. It has a spring with azalea flowers everywhere, a summer of competing bamboo for their greenness, an autumn of sky-touching red maples with falling leaves, and a winter of snow on mountains so transparent as pure crystal. The Hill holds such places of interest as Yao Temple, White Deer Temple, Jade Breast Pond and Tianci Field, among which the Jingjiang King Tombs covering over 100 square meters are the most famous ones.
Completed in 1996, the 1,416.18-meter long cable way connects the top and the foot with a bird's-eye view of wonderful peaks and ground. The 1,000m sloping track has 18 curves, which enables tourists to travel through mysterious forest in thrill to seek the charm of nature.
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