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Major Parks in Guilin
Seven Star Park
Seven Star Park is one of the best urban parks in China and has something for just about everyone.

The park is named after the seven peaks located throughout here that are shaped like the Big Dipper constellation. Amongst the peaks are several explorable caves, including "Seven Star Cave", which are quiteSeven Star Park famous for having stalagmites, stalactites and other natural formations that resemble animals and landscapes. The rest of this fantastic park is filled with trees and gardens. With its beautiful peaks, caves and gardens, this park has enough to keep any visitor entertained for hours.

More about Seven Star Park

Xishan Park
The West Hill Park, a mile from downtown, is located in the western part of the city. The park holds the West Hill, Hidden Hill, and City Museum. Around the hills is a lake, by which stands a temple called Xi Qinglin. It has been frequented by pilgrims and tourists ever since the Tang Dynasty. On the cliff there exist 200 statues and frescos.
Chuanshan Park
Chuanshan Park is in the southern suburbs and has its own beauty and attractions. Amazingly, in almost every karst hill of Guilin, there is a cave containing stalactites and stalagmites.
The cave in Chuanshan park is the same beauty as the caves of Seven-Star Cave and Reed Flute Cave.
Nanxi Park
Nanxi Park (south stream park) is in the south of the city by the western bank of Li River. The park has two steep peaks looming side by side. A stream gushes out from under, winds around the peaks and finally flows into Li River. The park was first founded and developed by Li Bo, a reputed poet in the Tang Dynasty. Preserved today are over 200 carved calligraphic works and poem inscriptions composed by celebrities in Tang and Song Dynasties.
Yushan Park
Pursuing Tracks of Great Emperors Tracking to 1000-year Cioilization Feasting Eyes on Beauty of Nature Touring and Resting in Yushan Park Located in the north of Guilin and by Li River, Yushan Park is the star ting spot for sightseeing of Guilin Mountain and Lakes, and the birthplace of Guilin's history and culture. In the park, Yushan Mountain, Huangzetan Lake and Shaoyin Cave have been regarded as Fairy Mountains, Fairy River and Fairy Cave respectively since long ago. Over 4000 years ago, Yu Emperor (Shun Emperor), one of the primogenitors of Chinese civilization, once toured down south here. Qin's people set up a temple to commemorate him. The temple still remains for over 2000 years. Since long time ago, pilgrims have been coming here unceasingly, which attaches heavy color of Confucian Culture to it and accumulates deep historical culture contents for the Yushan and Yu Emperor Temple. With combination of yesterday and today, and containing both east and west, Yushan Park is novel in appearance and unique in style, refined and graceful. Main scenic spots are yu Emperor Temple, Yiqing Garden, Sanjue Stele, 5-Happiness Tower, Wenshao Building, Shaoyin Cave, 9-layer Sky and Meiquan Palace. Each scenic spot is shining and it is attractive everywhere.
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