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Seven Star Park, Cave 
Guilin Attraction--Seven Star Park
Seven Star Park
    Guilin Seven Star Park, a world famed and one of the best urban parks in China, locates by the east bank of Li River, only about 1 km or so away from down town area. The park takes its name from the fact that the four peaks on Putuo Hill and the three peaks on Crescent Hill that form the main part of the park replicate the pattern of the seven stars in the Ursa Major constellation (Great bear or Big Dipper). A further hill, known as Camel Hill is another attraction of the park. This limestone outcrop looks exactly like a camel resting among the trees. The main entrance to the park is over the Flower Bridge [Hua Qiao], an elegant arched structure dating from the Song Dynasty that crosses the confluence of Xiaodongjiang [East River] and Lingjian Stream that passes through the park.
Seven Star Park,
Seven Star Park
    Seven Star Park occupies more than 40 hectares, which is the largest, most beautiful multiple park in Guilin. There are green hills, crystal water, fantastic caves and beautiful rocks inside the park. The ancient Floral Bridge straddles at the southern entrance. Hidden-dragon Cave near the southern gate houses the Forest of Stone Inscriptions. To the east of Seven-Star Hill stands the Camel Hill, at the foot of which the US president Bill Clinton once made a public speech on environmental protection in 1998. Besides, the Seven-Star Cave, the zoo and potted landscape Garden are worthy recommending.
Seven Star Park---Seven Star Cave
Seven Star Park
    The park covers an area of over 100 hectares and was named after the tale that the seven peaks of Mountain Qixing were the seven stars in the north sky falling down to the earth. Boasting hills, rivers, caves and rocks all together, the "Seven-star Peaks", "Morning of Camel Hill", "Crescent Rainbow Shadow" and "Putuo Stone Forest" are the symbolic scenes in the park. The park has famous spots like Seven-star Peak, Longyin Cave, Crescent Stone, Zenggong Stone, Camel Hill, Longyin Stone, Flower Bridge, Crescent Tower, Light of China Square, Children's Amusement Park, Zoo, 3 Generals and 800 Warriors' Tomb, Mosque, Potted Scenery and Gui Hai Bei Lin. Seven-star Park is the largest comprehensive park with the longest history and the most tourists in Guilin.
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