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Guilin Attraction & Sightseeing
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Guilin Local Specialties
Guilin Fine Arts Pottery and Porcelain:
Guilin Art Pottery is made of the local clay. It's the perfect combination of traditional crafts and modern technology. Decorated with the colorful designs, it is graceful yet simple.
Guilin Fermented Bean curd:
Started in the mid-Qing dynasty, Guilin Fermented Beancurd now boasts a long history of over 300 years. Its main material is well-chosen fresh bean. Featuring its softness and unique taste, Guilin Fermented Beancurd ranks the best of its kind in china.
Guilin rice noodle
With its distinctive flavor, Guilin rice food provides a reputation rival its unique water and hills. The food is finely made with materials carefully chosen, and can be cooked with a various ingredients, while the best dish of which is made with horsemeat.
The rice noodle is first rinsed in a soup boiled with horse bones. Slices of cured and deep fried fresh horse meat and garlic are then placed on top of the noodle, after which a riot of seasoning is added, including hot cooking oil. A bowl of delicious rice noodle is ready now.
Guilin sanhua (three flowers) wine
guilin sanhua alcohol is reputed as one of three treasures of Guilin. As early as song dynasty, people here have started the brewage of Sanhua Wine. The wine adopted the name-Sanhua (means three flowers) for the fact that it should be brewed three times before the final products.
Guilin Mountains-and-Waters Painting
The landscape paintings mainly concentrate the ideal natural beauty. Landscape painting of Guilin presents you the highlights of the water and hills on paper. Some masterpieces can be found among these paintings.
Paper fan
The elegantly designed paper fan is an ideal souvenir for you Guilin tour. Crafted from wood and white paper, these fans are folding fans that can easily fit inside a small purse. Guilin paper fan features its graceful decoration and special fragrance.
Pepper Sauce
The main materials for Guilin Pepper Sauce are lobster sauce, garlic and Sanhua Wine. Hot, fragrant and tasteful, it is the best seasoning for your dishes. To the locals, the pepper sauce itself is an appetizing dish.
Guilin Pomelo
The pomelo produced in Guilin finds its markets all over china. The pear-like fruits are big, sweet and tasteful. It is one of the locals favorite fruits.
Guilin Paper Umbrella:
It is the traditional handicraft, which has a history of more than 400 years. It is two kinds, transparent oil umbrellas and flower umbrella. The Guilin Paper Umbrella has various styles, simple and unsophisticated, with both ornamental and usable value.
Gingko nuts
The gingko tree is described as a living fossil. Gingko is said to promote healthy blood circulation, moistens facial skin and so chases away wrinkles. It is so versatile that it can also be made into drinks and snacks.
Luo Han Kuo
This fruit has long been a traditional Chinese herb. It is sweet and mellow and is considered conducive to the system and helps lower blood pressure. Instant Luo Han Kuo tea is a very convenient way to prepare it and preserves the original flavor of the fruit. got its name as it looks like the belly of Buddha. Luohan means arhat in Chinese. It is sweet and mellow and is considered conducive to the system and helps lower blood pressure.
Lipu Taro
It is produced in Lipu Couny. The pulp has the patterns of betel nuts. It is big, elliptical. The flesh is fine and smooth. It is rich in protein, amylum, calcium, and many kinds of vitamin. It tastes savory and very soft after boiled.
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