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Guilin Attraction & Sightseeing
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Brife Introduction of Guilin
Locates in the southern province of Guangxi, Guilin is a beautiful city with long history that evokes the fabled China of old. Surrounded by jagged mountains of limestone covered with lush evergreen foliage, the scenery of this charming city is reminiscent of an ancient Chinese scroll painting. The city itself, with over 2000 years of history, straddles the lovely Li River, and is home to some delightful examples of traditional Chinese architecture. Guilin tour attraction
Guilin is made even more striking by the imposing Solitary Beauty Peak, a jungle-clad pinnacle that rises dramatically from the center of the city. Nearly 400 stone steps lead to the summit where a view of unparalleled grandeur awaits. A relaxing way to take in Guilin's sights at a leisurely pace is by taking a one day long cruise on the Lijiang River from Guilin to Yangshuo, a picturesque town that has become a popular destination in itself. Guilin tour attraction
Guilin's gentle climate is famed throughout China, making the town the perfect base to explore the many natural wonders to be found in the surrounding countryside. The picturesque peaks of limestone, so stunning from a distance, are even more mysterious up close, as they are riddled with countless caves and caverns - some with ancient inscriptions and works of sculpture carved into their walls. Whether you're an aficionado of natural or cultural wonders, Guilin will not disappoint. Guilin tour attraction
Climate of Guilin: April through October are warm but not too rainy, and many feel that this is the best time to go as the mountains are at their greenest and there is a better chance of sunshine in which to enjoy the views. The winter months of December through February can be quite cool, temperatures averaging around eight degrees Celsius. Guilin tour attraction
Accomodation in Guilin
Guilin has a wide variety of hotels that cater to every budget. Five-star accommodation is available at the luxurious Sheraton Guilin and The Lijiang Waterfalls Hotel, both situated on the banks of the Lijiang River. There are also plenty of midrange places of hotels, mostly catering to tour groups from both abroad and other parts of China.
Guilin tour attraction
Accomodation in Yangshuo
Many places of budget accommodation can be found in Yangshuo, a town located south of Guilin. Yangshuo has become quite popular with backpacking budget travelers over the past decade and is worth a visit for the many restaurants and souvenir shops that cater to these budget travelers.
Guilin tour attraction
Food & Drink
Guilin's cuisine is made special by the many delicacies served up by the local people. The Lijiang River is also an important culinary source - there are many delicious dishes featuring fish fresh from the river. A tasty local specialty is river fish steamed in a length of bamboo. Local food is generally spicier than in most other parts of China. Western food is most easily found in Guilin's upscale hotels.
Guilin tour attraction
Places to visit
The Solitary Beauty Peak (Duxiu feng) with a height of over 200 meters, Guilin's famed Peak of Solitary Beauty dramatically stands sentinel over the low-rise city. Located on the campus of Guangxi Normal College, the hill has been celebrated for its beauty in Chinese lore since ancient times. Qing Dynasty inscriptions on the eastern side of the hill, such as the one proclaiming it the "Sky-Supporting Pillar", give a sense of history to this natural wonder. A series of 396 stone steps lead visitors to the summit, where a breathtaking panorama of the city and surrounding mountains can be viewed.
Guilin tour attraction
Fubo Hill (Fubo Shan)
Also known as Wave-Subduing Hill, Fubo Hill is another of Guilin's picturesque peaks. Located near Solitary Beauty Peak, Fubo Hill is known for a giant pot for cooking rice that sits near the entrance gate to the hill. The hill also boasts some interesting caves that can be explored. The Thousand Buddhas Cave has a collection of Buddha images dating back to the Tang and Song dynasties. The Returned Pearl Cave has even more Buddha images carved into its walls, some dating back hundreds of years.
Guilin tour attraction
Elephant Trunk Hill (Xiangbi Shan)
In the city center of Guilin is the imaginatively named Elephant Trunk Hill, a natural arch of limestone at the edge of the Li River. The arch was so named because it is said to resemble an elephant dipping its trunk into the river for a drink. The riverbanks nearby are popular spots for strolling and picnicking, and it is possible to rent a bamboo raft and float around the arch. The hill can be climbed to explore caves and grottoes decorated with ancient inscriptions, and there is a temple on the summit of the hill that dates to the Ming Dynasty.
Guilin tour attraction
Seven Star Park (Qixing Gongyuan)
This wide green expanse is Guilin's largest city park and an excellent place to stroll or relax after exploring the city. The park is crisscrossed with paths around its scenic hills and a pavilion that affords a view of the surrounding area. Children will enjoy the whimsical Camel Hill, the shape of which looks like a resting camel. There is also a zoo and the famous "Stele Forest", a collection of Chinese calligraphy signs carved into the stone walls of a cave, as well as other caves to explore, Seven Star Cave and Moon Cave.
Guilin tour attraction
Reed Flute Cave (Ludi Yan)
Located on the northern outskirts of Guilin, Reed Flute Cave has been drawing curious visitors since the Tang Dynasty - as can be seen by the inscriptions they left behind. Beginning in the 1960s, a pathway in the cave was paved and colored lights were rigged to show off the otherworldly natural formations to their fullest. Many of the stalagmites, stalagmites and stone formations have been given names by the local people, based on their fanciful shapes. Vendors at the mouth of the cave peddle reed flutes made from the stalk that once obscured the entrance to the cave and gave it its name.
Guilin tour attraction
Li River
The graceful Li River has been celebrated for its beauty and tranquility by Chinese artists and poets for the centuries. The LiRiver cruise is probably the most relaxing and enjoyable way to view Guilin's spectacular topography. From your slow boat you will see Nine Horse Hill, Bamboo Shoot Peak and many other fancifully shaped karst formations that have been the subject of scroll paintings through the ages. Guilin's flora is also best appreciated from a slow-moving boat:Pastoral scenes of farming and fishing in the timeless manner of the countryside can also be seen.
Guilin tour attraction
The Li River cruise ended in Yangshuo. The mountain scenery is in Yangshuo is perhaps even more striking than that of Guilin, owing to the city's comparatively small size. Yangshuo is located 60 kilometers south of Guilin and can be conveniently reached by bus or taxi in about one hour.
Guilin tour attraction
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